Queues and Call Recordings

We have a queue set up that uses the RingAll Strategy to call all agents in the queue. We set this up to solve a problem with CDR Reports showing incorrect data.

Now, when looking at Call Recordings it shows something odd. When an inbound call comes in it shows a recording for each extension dialed, with the same call duration (caller hold time), then the extension that picked up the call with the full duration of the call.

We want inbound calls to the queue to just show the answering extensions call when searched in call recordings and not show the rest of the extensions for the same number.

We have made sure that the inbound route and queue are only set to record on answer.

I have uploaded an image of the issue, to back up my explanation, as it was quite difficult to explain.

I think we should work at the query level
I enclose a few lines that I hope will help
"AND billsec> ‘0’ AND disposition = ‘ANSWERED’ lastapp AND NOT LIKE ‘BackGround’"

Hi claloano,

Apologies but I wouldn’t know how to run this query. We only use the GUI supplied in http://#phonesystemIP#/recordings/index.php and search for numbers dialed or recent numbers.

Is this query to resolve or investigate the issue? Or is it a workaround?


the CDR asterisk is very detailed, often the software that return indormazione the CDR do not meet the needs, in those cases the only thing I’ve always done is develop myself and a few lines of code in this case make specific queries
I do not know how else to do

Hi claloano

I won’t be able to do specific queries for this, as it is for use by an end user. They will not know how to run manual queries in the PBX.

Surely there must be a setting or something that needs changing in order to stop this happening?