Queues and Agents

Virtual Extensions with cellphone FMFM for taking queue calls remotely.
Confirm Call option is set on the extension level.

I noticed something interesting. When agents complete queue call transfers (*2 or ##). When the agent is Dynamic, the agent stays busy, even after the queue call is transferred, until the original caller hangs up.

In the same scenario, if the agent is Static, everything works. The agent transfers the queue call and is immediately available for the next queue call.

The only thing I can tell that is slightly different is the way the static and dynamic agents register to the queue. It seems like when dynamic is registered it populates an additional field “(dynamic)” and I wonder if that throws off the code?

KDM Upper TZ (Local/[email protected]/n from hint:[email protected]) (ringinuse disabled) (Not in use) has taken 1 calls (last was 2228 secs ago)

KDM Upper TZ (Local/[email protected]/n from hint:[email protected]) (ringinuse disabled) (dynamic) (Not in use) has taken 1 calls (last was 2228 secs ago)

Moving an mobile agent from dynamic to static does indeed resolve the issue of being free after transferring queue calls, but I have join empty rules, so it is not feasible to leave them set to static.

Is this a bug?

Anyone else having this issue?

Any ideas for a mitigation?

Hmm, what is your Skip Busy Agents set to on the queue? Also, is Agent Restrictions set to “Call as dialed”?

Skip Busy Agents = Yes + (ringinuse=no)
Agent Restrictions = Call as dialed

I am wondering if it is a bug since it works perfectly if its a static agent and the only difference I can really spot is the way they register to the queue in asterisk info. Dynamic has an extra (dynamic) field/entry.

Opened a bug report to see what Sangoma says.

Can you please post a call trace via pastebin?

This sounds a bit like the issue this guy had: Transfers using Local/@from-queue/n but I’m not sure if there were any developments.

We decided to build something in AMI to hopefully break the caller out of the from queue context and effectively end the call. Once the from queue context is ended, then trigger the transfer. I’ll report back if it works.

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