Queues, agent timout and DND

Dear All,

We have a slight problem with queues. We have set agent timeout to 20. I understand that the queue rings the extension for 20 secs, and then rings the following ext in the queue. If an extension is set DND it looks like the queue is waiting another 20 secs for the DND’d ext too.

Now what happens sometimes is an extension rings for a very short time, and then it goes to the next one, causing a missed call. it rings so short it can’t be answered. My guess is that the DND extension messes up the agent timeout value somehow.

Any experiences or suggestions regarding this issue?

Thanks much,

You need to define how you are applying DND. Some devices have their own DND that results in a SIP BUSY HERE message being sent back when an attempt is made. That will also result in a missed call on most such phones. If the phone is ringing briefly in that environment it is an issue with the phone. Other phones are programmed to implement the FreePBX DND feature code and then the DND is handled server side. If that is the case, no attempt is made to ring the phone. Whether or not it will delay before going to the next agent, I don’t recall off hand. The queue code can act in un-predictable ways and is probably dependent on your Asterisk version as well.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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Thanks Philippe,

We use Linksys phones, and yes, some feature codes must have been modified. We have our own provisioning system, so that’s not a big headache. I’ll try to disable the phones DND feature, and let you know the result.


worked as expected.