Queues across 2 sites

Does anyone know how I can configure a queue across 2 sites?

2 sites are linked via a site to site sip trunk

SiteA has queue1 (ring all strategy)
SiteB has queue2 (ring all strategy)

When a call comes into siteA queue1, I also need it to ring siteB queue2

If I put queue2 as a number within queue1, then the call jumps to queue2 and only rings the phones at siteB, and stops ringing the phones at siteA

Any ideas??

Create an outbound route that routes calls to Q2’s extensions over the site to site SIP Trunk. Then make the members of Q2 members of Q1, and remove Q2 from the Q1 list.

The members of the queues need to be dynamic members.
So people at site B, need to be able to login and out of Q1 at Site A

From what I can see, we can only have dynamic members in a queue if you are registered as an extension on the same PBX (i.e. Site B users cannot login to a Queue on Site A)

It cannot be done using this configuration. Queues answer the call instantly, so if you include a remote Queue (Queue 2) in Queue 1, then it will always take the call and then generate a ring tone or play MOH.

You might be able to make the phones at the remote site remote extensions of System 1 and thus be part of Queue 1.

Alternatively, you could try making the the extensions as system 2 dynamic members of the Queue on System 1 and try creating a DISA on system 1 that allows people on System 2 to contact system #1 and execute login/logoff commands.

There is an Advanced Settings for Queues to provide an option for a Queue to NOT Answer the call. This is usually fairly dangerous unless you know what you are doing so it is hidden by default. If the call is across a private SIP?IAX trunk it’s probably not an issue.

I have not really read the rest of this thread so I am not suggesting this is a good solution for the discussion or not, but as I noticed the comment about Queues always answering the call, which is generally true, I thought I would point this out as it is not very well known…