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Hello Gents,
any feedback on queuemetrics-live ?

Have a nice day :slight_smile: and thank you

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I have not used Queuemetrics, but it looks like they have a free trial? That may be your best form of feedback. We have used Asternic Call Center Stats and Queue Wallboard.

Asternic works well and is fairly simple to deploy, maintain and use, but support can be slow if you need help. Typically the documentation is good enough that you can progress without the need for others. One time cost is a plus.

Queue Wallboards looks great, is a first party solution, but is a reoccurring cost. That in itself is not a big issue, but I cannot in good faith recommend Queue Wallboards and am now leery of recommending any Sangoma commercial module.

We had just downloaded the module to the FrePBX distro and out of the box it would not show any realtime agent data. After trying to determine the issue ourselves, we reached out to Sangoma, since they offer “support” for any purchased modules. The support was non existent. They did not even look into what the issue could be. They saw unrelated code in the extensions_custom file and said there would be no support. They could’ve deleted the unrelated custom context, they could have at least looked at the logs, but no. It was a few minute engagement and then they were gone, without contributing or offering anything.

We eventually stumbled across the answer ourselves, and shared it with Sangoma in hopes that it might help the next person with the issue, but I cannot in good faith recommend the commercial modules, given the lack of support Sangoma provides.

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thank you

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The last time we tested QueueMetrics was back in 2016-2017, it was not really realtime back then. Things may have changed since.

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I’m a fairly big Queuemetrics user for many users.

QM is has improved a lot. The old Perl script to load queue log data has been replaced by Uniloader and unitracker. So its much improved over what existed years back.

I am going heavy in the Webrtc phone that QM bundles currently. I really should write a paper on it for everyone.

On QM support, they ain’t the fastest but they do respond and will work the ticket.

I run he on premise Queuemetrics , not the live version. Note I have over 250 Call center agents in a ha Cluster in site 1, In site 2 i have about 50 agents in a HA cluster, and site 3 I have like 10.

I run all servers in AWS in Various subnets and to extend out webrtc I’m using the Ingate Separator products as my asterisk servers have no internet access. Queuemetrics is behind a AWS application Load balancer to balance between the nodes.

Is it perfect no. Not at all. But is much better then what it was I can say that for sure.

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Thank you for sharing that. Can you tell me how “live” the realtime information is?

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live info is at most a second or 2 behind.

We use it for Wallboards which are pretty good over all. Ie You can build a lot on them, multiple queues, live status, aggerated calls.

The realtime monitor page is again at most a second or 2 behind but if you have a reload time of higher it will be higher.

We do a minimal amount of Chan spy / whisper / barge with it. It does work but we don’t operate that way as a rule.

Again I’m on premise not the cloud version where I would expect a few seconds more delay due to transit distance and that is a different load process.

The reporting is the big reason for queuemetrics for us. I’ve not seen anything better for call center reporting in asterisk world.

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I haven’t had any issues once configured. with uniloader / unitracker. And I’m in a much higher complexity than most users. I’m using Serverless Auroa (mysql) for my database platform. large reports can be a bit slower than a local mysql host but I do have the advantage of scaling and backups, but its rare that aws expands to 2 nodes from 1 node.

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This is an issue. Coming from FOP2, it is not possible to get used to this…

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That surprises me.

To me QM and fop2 are totally different purposes. and when I say a second or 2 that is at the most. My users are just used to it. How do you handle Queue reporting with a tool? Ie. SLA. How do you handle wallboards and measurements and agents queue status?

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I like the Call center stats from the same company that does FOP2, Asternic. Works really well, though it sounds like you would need CCStats in conjunction with FOP2 to achieve the same functionality you currently have.

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And another component for a Webrtc phone.
And another component for agent QA reporting.

I’m not saying QM is the best product in the world by any stretch but I would hate to have to piece together all its functions from 5 vendors and then manage that additional work.

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Well CCstats has reporting but you would need to then use something like UCP for your WebRTC phone. Not sure if there’s anything that bundles all that together any better.

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UCP won’t work for me. In order to have external access and security in place I’m effectively doing webrtc over sip. My asterisk servers have no inbound internet access so there is no way for me to use UCP as you can’t get to it.

Some days I wish I could just load up Fail2ban and toss the host on a public IP, and let it rip but due to Security requirements I can’t. I have a audits and security reviews and info sec team that watches.

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