QueueMetrics and FreePBX

After the good success of our first tutorial that explained how to set up QueueMetrics for FreePBX , we have prepared an upgraded version for version 2 and QueueMetrics 1.4.

This tutorial makes it much easier than with version 1.x to set up QueueMetrics under FreePBX (using TrixBox as a reference), minimizes manual file editing and shows how to set up the most advanced fetaures of QueueMetrics, i.e. agents logging on and pausing from the GUI, marking of call outcomes and pause status codes, and Manager API realtime monitoring.

Whether you run a full-fledged commercial call-center, or would simply gather some stats for an internal support line, the new tutorial is definitely worth looking at! :stuck_out_tongue:

You can find the new tutorial on the downloads page at http://queuemetrics.com/download.jsp under “TrixBox / FreePBX documentation”, by the bottom of the page.

For those who do not know it, QueueMetrics is a commercial call center reporting package, that is available free of charge to small call centers / SOHOs / various Asterisk hackers.