Queuelog - RingNoAnswer, always 15 sec!

why when a agent in the queue cancels a phone call, is the ringNoAnswer time always 15 seconds in queue_log file?
we setting Agent Timeout 15 seconds and Agent Timeout restart = 15 seconds
But if an agent cancel a call after 5, 6 or 10…seconds in queue-log we have always 15 seconds!


1612953192|1612953125.48529|901|User 1|RINGNOANSWER|15000
1612953208|1612953125.48529|901|User 2|RINGNOANSWER|15000
1612953224|1612953125.48529|901|User 3|RINGNOANSWER|15000
1612953240|1612953125.48529|901|User 4i|RINGNOANSWER|15000

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