Queued calls as calls waiting


I have an odd request for help here.

Coming off of an old avaya system and have a few users stuck in their ways.

Currently there are a few users that have their own call queues on these avaya phones and can have several calls waiting in these queues at any given time.

The way avaya presents these calls is:
If there are 3 people in the queue for example. each caller will populate on a call appearance or “line” key on the phone. This will allow the user to select who they want to talk to next in that queue. As sometimes someone maybe in that queue that is more urgent then the “next person in line”

I noticed broadsoft does this as well with their queues. You just have to enable “allow call waiting on agents”

Currently all I can get freepbx to do is show the first person in the queue on a line appearance, only when the user hangs up with that call, will the next call show up.

Any way to do this on Freepbx?

Assuming that call waiting is enabled in the device and in the extension settings, and Skip Busy Agents for the queue is set to No, it should work.

First, test by having two inside callers call the extension directly. If that fails, paste the Asterisk log for this call at https://pastebin.freepbx.org and post the link here.

If that works but the queue fails, try a Ring Group with one extension instead of the queue. If that fails, post the log as above.

If the Ring Group works, it could be a workaround; set up its ‘music’ with the desired queue announcements. If you really need the queue, post a log of it failing, along with a description of what the agent saw and the callers heard.

Hi Stewart,

Thanks for replying.

Call waiting works as intended on normal calls and with a the ring group.

I am still very much a newbie when it comes to the CLI in asterisk so I am not able to get the log yet, but working on learning that.

In the meantime, I am open to using a ring group as a work around. The only reason why I am using a Queue is to prevent VM from answering the call if the user takes to long on some calls.

For a description on the queue problem, when multiple callers are in the queue, only one caller will show up on the phone, once that call is answered and finished, then the next caller will be presented to the phone.
The callers will just hear music on hold while waiting.

What we want is, if we have 5 line keys and there are 5 calls in the queue. Show those 5 callers on the line keys.

A parking lot may work for you here. Multiple callers can be queued up, and the parking lot app on the phone (if supported) will allow you to browse waiting calls and answer in whatever order you want.

Hi Igaetz,

We are using grandstream gxp2170s. So far, for parking lot, we just have the BLF keys working. No specific app that i know of for the parking lot on it. Let me look more into that.

Phone Apps are not supported on GS:

Thats a shame :frowning:

I did find a work around for this issue. I simply just set the ring time to the maximum on the ring group and then set the fail over back to the ring group.

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