Queue with offline agent (outside business hours), offline agent treated as available

Hi all,

I have setup a queue with two agents who might be online outside business hours (incoming rules announces possibility of no-answer).

If the agents close their laptop to standby, FOP shows immediatly they are not available anymore. But if the phone rings, somehow they get ‘reactivated’ again, but not ringed. Then the incoming call will not go to the failover (voicemail) but get in the queue as ‘first in line’…

If the agent logs of the queue this works fine (none left = directly to failover), but the nature of their work and availabilty prevents them from constantly logging on and off the queue.

Is there a patch or setting for preventing this problem? Or an update that adresses this problem?

Asterisk (Ver.
FreePBX 2.5.2

Thanks for your help, I did browse many pages of posts that seem related to this issue, but not exactly…

Hugo Logmans