Queue with a breakout IVR menu issue

Hi All;

I have a queue with a breakout IVR menu.
The IVR is there for those who do not wish to hold so they can instead leave a voicemail.

the IVR with one option
Option 1 --> Voicemail

This all works ok, but the problem is

When a user press any other number it repeat the announcement of the IVR.

Is there a way that make no respond to any other entry from the caller except 1.

I’m running AsteriskNOW 13
FreePBX 12.0.74


I’m under the impression this is working as designed. When the caller hits an ‘incorrect’ selection, the IVR repeats to they can hear the options again and hopefully will help them find the correct button. You can also customize the message they hear when the ‘incorrect’ key was pressed.