Queue Weight

Hi, I’m using Freepbx version 15 and asterisk version is 16.6. I’m using multiple queue’s and one agent is part of multiple Queue’s. Suppose there are two Queue’s A and B. And Nick is logged in both queues. The Queue Weight is 0 in both queue’s. Nick is already on a call and a call is waiting in queue A since 10 minutes and also a caller is waiting in queue B since 5 minutes. Nick hangup the call and now caller waiting in queue A should reach to Nick because he is waiting longer then the caller in Queue B. But sometimes the caller is waiting in queue lesser transferred to agent while there is a caller in other queue waiting longer then that. There is no queue priority set. Please advise.

It does not happen all the time but randomly it happen. What I want is If there are 3 Queue’s A, B and C and a caller waiting in Queue A since 10 minutes and in Queue B since 5 minutes and in Queue C since 3 minutes and one agent is logged in all three queue so first Queue A call should be answered because he is waiting longer then other queue’s caller.

Virtual Queues Plus I think has this option. Its a commercial module.

You problem right now is that they are equally weighted queues. So depending on ring time and agent retry. They all fight for the agent equally. Using some virtual queues here would likely help.

I’ve Queue’s Plus Module but I do not see any option. I don’t think retry and ring time have to do anything with it. Because once agent finish the first call he will get the next call upon caller waiting position.

Anyone, please suggest?

I think this is more of an Asterisk question, of how the call distribution for an agent who’s a member of multiple queues works.
If you don’t set queue weight, I don’t think there’s currently anything that tells Asterisk that prioritize specific calls over others.

Out of curiosity, why can’t you combine all 3 Queues?

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