Queue Wallboard - new functions

We have started using the Queue Wallboard module, a rather high price for the module, but we hope it will provide the functionality we need.

We have found some additions that we would like to have, if possible.
The agent summary widget
Would it be possible to make the following changes:

  • First line of text: “Agent Summary for Agent 123 (Name)” could this be changed to “Agent Summary for 123 (Name)” the extra Agent does look strange.
  • Could the image from the user manager be added to that widget
  • Could the call pop up be added to the Agent number so we can “Call To” or “Originate Call” for that agent from the widget

New widget with call history
We would love a new widget with a table view of the last calls. Similar to the user call history just for the queue. Showing

  • date time
  • caller number / name
  • wait duration
  • agent
  • duration on the phone with the agent

Is this something that would be possible to implement?



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