Queue Wallboard license

(Akin) #1

Can anyone tell me where to purchase a license for Queue Wallboard? It shows as activated on the module admin page, but when I try to go to the menu option under reports, I get the message that says I have to purchase the module.

I looked in the Sangoma portal, but it’s not listed there, and none of my commercial modules have the option to renew on the module admin page after I upgraded to 14.


(Dave Burgess) #2

It’s a commercial module, so I’d submit a support ticket for it. We’re just users (for the most part) so there’s not much we can do except encourage your to persevere.

(Tcfug) #3

did you ever figure out how to activate it. I am running into the same issue.

(Terry) #4

Anyone else know how to purchase or activate the Queue Wallboard module in FreePBX?

(Communication Technologies) #5

It should be in the Sangoma portal under software.