Queue Viewer Loging off other peopl

So we are having a issue with one user logging out other users from a queue. In this call Queue I have 6 other queues. i am just going to use names to describe what is happening.

#1 Support
#2 Primary Standby
#3 Secondary Standby
#4 Standby Mgt
#5 Support Mangment
#6 VP Ops.

the problem goes like this User #1 is in the support queue and user #2 can be in either Primary or secondary queue. User #1 logs out of support queue and user #2 is also logged out of Primary or secondary. The are 25 users that use the queue, but this is just happening to two of them right now. and only in the one direction. If #2 logs out it dose not affect #1.

I am running Asterisk and Queues version I don’t know what log you would want or where to pull it from.

has anyone else seen this issue?

You did not provide us info on how they are logging out?