Queue using dynamic agents on different FreePBX System

I have a series of 3 systems for one customer. The main system has a queue that includes agents from the two remote systems. Static agents work great. Dynamic agents however, when placed into the queue do not ring. When you check the queue log you see

SIP/1408 (ringinuse enabled) (dynamic) (Invalid) has taken no calls yet

Is there a way that allows 1408 to log into the queue remotely and take calls?

I would expect that be a local extension. Are you using any kind of a structure where 1408 is a known extension to the system (Virtual extension with a redirector, for example).

No. I put 1408 in the dynamic agents field within the main systems queue. Perhaps it comes from that.

If the PBX doesn’t know how to route a call to 1408, there’s no way to get the traffic back. Since you’re trying to connect remote PBX phones to your queue, you’ve got to have a way for the system to get that traffic back and forth to the phone. Can you dial 1408 on a local phone and call the other extension?

Yes. I have IAX trunks between the systems with the correct dialplans to allow for extension dialing. If I place x1408 in the static section of the queue agents it works but if i place it in the dynamic agents area I don’t know how to remotely log in and log out of the queue. Dialing *45 doesn’t work even when I placed *45 in the correct outbound route to go to the main pbx.

OK this isn’t going to be something that you can just do simply. You have three FreePBX systems and on each of those systems they all have the dialplan for Queue toggles, logging in and out agents of the queues.

So now if PBX 2 wants to have an agent log into the queue on PBX 1, then the login feature code has to be disabled on PBX 2 so that it can be routed via Outbound Routes (or some routing) to hit PBX 1. Then PBX 1 is going to need something to route that to the queue they need to log in to.

When these agents from remote PBX systems are added to the Queue they need to have the SIP URI they will use to reach them at the PBX they are on otherwise PBX 1 will try to look for a local device to dial. Since these would be “external” agents, the queue has no way to track them or their states.

So you also have to deal with the fact the STATES of the devices will exist on their INDIVIDUAL systems. So PBX 1 has no way to tell the state of an agent on PBX 2 or PBX 3. Now Asterisk has the ability to watch/update states from external systems but that is nothing built into FreePBX GUI or logic.

Basically what you want to do can be done but it is going to require a lot of custom work on FreePBX and looking at how to do external states via Asterisk.


I’d recommend setting up an extension that forwards you your pbx 2/3 endpoints. Place buttons on the foreign endpoints that route to PBX 1 for login, logout, pause. They need to be different than the standard feature codes so they will route out, then eventually change into the standard feature codes in PBX 1. A little more work, but this approach will give you queue states, and much easier reporting (If that is important).

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