Queue + User & Devices Mode

Hi all,

User & Devices Mode with FreePBX 14 + Asterisk 13 behaves somehow strange together with queues…

  • I’m having a user 82 connected from 2 fixed devices 8201 and 8211 (and other users and devices as well, but that is not relevant right now…)
  • Queue (9910, ringall) has dynamic agents 82 and others
  • Device 8211 logs into the queue using *45 and it shows up as ‘(Invalid)’ in Asterisk Info/Queues

Calling the queue does not ring the phone…

  • The device 8211 can login to the queue as device using 4582119910 (without defining it as dynamic agent!?), and shows up in Asterisk Info/Queues

Calling the queue does not ring the phone…

  • Defining 8211 as static agent

Calling the queue now rings both devices: 8211 (as expected earlier) as well as 8201, which did neither explititely login to the queue nor is defined as agent for this queue

  • Logging off the queue using *45 again results in an obviously assigned (static) member 8211, but it is not ringing on calling the queue

While the following handling of queue members seems to be a workaround, I’m not sure, if the workaround is really valid or will work in newer versions of Asterisk and/or FreePBX:

In Users&Devices-Mode you have to define one of the devices, which connected to a user who should log in to a queue, as a static agent of the queue and then you can assign this user as a dynamic agent. The user can now login using *45 as expected.

Has anyone using User & Devices Mode as well as Queues experienced something similar (or other things)?

Or has any of the experts of this forum a hint of what could be done to get the expected behaviour (without the workaround above: only define the user as dynamic agent and being able to login to the queue and receive calls from the queue)?


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