Queue, unanswered calls and CDR

Hello, i would like to know if is normal to have many entry in CDR report for the same call ID when the call is into queue with a single angent, and the agent is busy or not respond the call. I have set 2 minute in Max Wait Time queue timing option.
Example: te call come into queue for 2 minute without the agent in the office, the agent extension rings for X second (default ring time option) n times, after 2 minute the queue put the call to voicemail message. If I see the log for this call, too many unanswered entry is showed, with the same call id. Is this normal? the n entries is equals to the n tries by the queue to reach the agent extension?
I would like to clean the CDR report, if the agent not respond to queue i would like to have only one entry UNANSWERED not n entries until the queue max time wait.
Thanks guys

It is normal. Config the CDR filter with disposition = answered

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