Queue: Transfer eliminates wrapuptime?

We have a queue using Dynamic members, specified in the GUI such that they have penalties associated with them. We are having an odd issue in that agents who transfer a Queue call receive another call immediately upon completing the transfer.

I would expect that they should not receive another call until their wrapup time has elapsed. Is this an oddity with Asterisk, FreePBX, or something peculiar about my setup (I’m putting money on that last one)?

Many thanks,


I posted this a while back and have had no response. Is nobody else experiencing this?

I think that maybe the queue app/dialplan code is beginning to count the wrapup time at the time the agent begins the attended transfer? For that reason, by the time agent has

1.) Waited for the transferee to answer the phone.
2.) Announced the transfer.
3.) Pressed the transfer button again.

more seconds have passed than the wrapuptime specifies, and therefore the queue sends another call immediately.

Any help, even in just determining if this is an asterisk application or FreePBX dialplan issue would be appreciated.


PS: We are using Cisco 7940s if that makes a difference.

Forgot to add: my system is running Asterisk and FreePBX