Queue toggle and BLF working, but won't log out


I’ve got 455026999 as a BLF, but it never logs out.

I’m using deviceandusers.

Any ideas how to bebug? On 2.8 FreePBX and Asterisk 1.6.13


Sorry, I meant when deploying centrally. This is per device settings so would need to be set in that phones mac.cfg via tftp/http etc. Please ignore.

So there’s no toggle to log in/out of a device or BLF?

oh I mis-understood, I don’t believe there is currently a toggle for logging into/out-of a device, that is correct. (Though feel free to add the feature request if you want).

Thanks. All makes sense now.

Thanks Philippe. How can you set BLF against a user if you don’t know what user will walk up to that phone and login or the staff are on shifts?

They need to log into the phone first, once they do that, then the can log into the queue.

Thanks. I understand that, but the BLF and hints are per device, not per user. The BLF I have set seems to be the device id not the user.

The BLFs vary for the different feature codes but you are right they are ultimately per device.

However, they get changed based on users logging in and out of devices (or at least should or its a bug).

In other words, if user 300 logins into device 1234 and then logs into the queue with a queue toggle, the LED should light. If that same user now logs out of the device 1234 the LED should go out.

Now, if user 300 logs into device 1222 and that device has a BLF button for Queue Toggle, then that LED should light up right away since the user 300 never logged out of the queue (even though they did log out of the phone).

OK, cool.

So when provisioning these phones from a global config we have a login button and logout button for the phone (*11/*12 is there a toggle for that?).

So how do we provision a global BLF for that device when the BLF looks like:


I presume we should set this per mac address so it’s 45DEVICEQUEUE

then the user uses the log in/out button and then hits the toggle button and as FreePBX knows the user is now logged into that phone all works as expected.

Sound right?

The DEVICE is the FreePBX Device (not sure what you meant by per Mac address).

But … yeah each phone could have a single login/out button unique to the device for the specific queue (or for each queue if more than one).

If you are looking for something generic (*11/*12) you can use just *45 which will toggle the current user in/out of the queue, but no BLF involved. (And … if there is no user logged in, it may end up in jibberish being logged in, I don’t recall at the moment.

Nevermind, I’m a static agent!!!

So, when using device and users how can you make it so a user can walk up to a phone and login into a queue with one toggle button?

Do you know how to make it green when you’re logged in and not red?

red looks like you’re logged out. This is on a Yealink T28 with v50 firmware.



first off, the user has to be logged into the phone to begin with.

As far as the color, I believe that we are using IN_USE as the state of the BLF. (You can check with “show hints” or look at the code).

You would have to determine what state makes the LED green, and then you would have to change the code so it uses that state instead. Once you’ve determined that, feel free to file a feature request ticket seeing if there is an option to configure what the 'logged in" state should be and we can consider it, as there are other feature codes as well that may also apply. (DAY/NIGHT, FOLLOW-ME, etc .BLFs).