Queue - Time Conditions for external agents

We have three IT technicians that are “on call” in the field during certain hours of the day, (ie, agent 1 is on call from 7:00a-3:00p, agent 2 is on call from 3:00p-11:00p, agent 3 is on call from 11:00p-7:00a).

I am trying to program a call queue that forwards calls to a static agent which is a cell phone, based on a Time Condition. As a matter of fact, there doesn’t seem to be a way to forward to static agents based on Time Condition, even for internal extensions.

I’ve tried all kinds of things, simple and complex, and can’t seem to get anything to work.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Read my reply again. Don’t use queues, it wont work in your scenario.

Inbound route -> Time Condition 1
True -> Dummy Extension 1
False -> Time Condition 2

Time Condition 2
True -> Dummy Extension 2
False -> Time Condition 3

Time Condition 3
True -> Dummy Extension 3
False -> Announcement

But then how do we get the queue to obey the Time Condition? There doesn’t seem to be an opportunity to tell the queue which extension to forward the call to based on the time of day.

put a feature request…

Just a quick note:
Once a static member is entered for a queue, there is no control whatsoever to alter the call to that agent.
ehstein says that the agents are external cellphones. Those agents are in no way connected to the queue itself except that when a call enters the queue it is rerouted to the cellphone.

ehstein, Time Conditions are working with queues, as a destination for a queue can be set for a Time Condition.

A simple solution is to set up three dummy extensions, set Call Forward Unconditional with the number to the cellphone for the agent. Then create three Time Conditions as sanjayws suggested. That is probably what you want.

I was afraid I was going to have to make multiple queues. I suppose it’s going to be the only way that works… but it just seems so convoluted. I’m surprised that someone hasn’t worked Time Conditions into the Queue module yet.


I would do this.

Incoming DID/number -> Time condition 1, if don’t meet, failover to Time condition 2, if don’t meet, failover to Time condition 3…

You of course need 3 queues or ring groups to make that work as well…

Try it out and good luck!

You need to create two queues for the respective time conditions. Then make the queues the destination of the time condition.

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