Queue strange behavior

Hi everyone.
I have a fresh FreePBX distro installation, fully updated with asterisk 16.9.0.
We’ve also bought an “Everything” commercial modules bundle cause we need queue reports, appointment reminders and such.
To minimize call loss and wait time, and distribute the calls more or less evenly, we have set up the queues in the following way:

  • Q1 - least recent, skip busy agents = yes, max wait time is 16 seconds, agent timeout is 5 seconds. Lazy members feature from Queue Plus is on. Join empty and leave empty both set to “Strict”
  • Q2 - ringall, don’t skip busy agents, unlimited wait time for both queue and agent, Lazy members is off. Join empty = yes, Leave empty = no.
    All agents have call call waiting turned on.

The idea was the call comes first to Q1 and goes to available agent that haven’t had a call for a longest time. If he doesn’t take the call in 5 seconds, the call moves on to the next agent (lazy members) and so on. If nobody answers the call in 16 seconds the call gets overflowed to the Q2.
In the Q2 the call is presented to all logged on and not paused agents, even if they are on another call. This continues until someone picks up the call.
This scheme kind of work, but in a strange way.
Agent’s phones (they use Bria softphones, mostly) don’t ring for 5 seconds in Q1 and don’t ring indefinitely in Q2, as was expected; the call comes, ring for a second at most and goes elsewhere. Then it returns, to ring for a second once again and be gone.
I’ve checked extensions and system default ring time, they’re all set to 30 seconds.
Unanswered call queue report and CDR report show strange things:

Could you please advise what can be done about this queue setup and how to make the reports work?

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