Queue Stats from CDR or elsewhere

Dear folks,

I was wondering how to gather more advanced queue stats, such as average wait time for abandoned calls, average wait time in general, etc.

Where does Asterisk keep those stats? I assume they can somehow be learned from the CDR database?

I’ve seen a few commercial and non-commercial scripts, but we’d like to gather the data from there for integration in other reporting systems rather than another web portal.

Not the CDR’s queue status goes to a text file.

There is a module in our App Store that provides queue reports, click on store above.

Hmm it looks like that would do exactly what we want, except that users would have to log in to another web portal entirely. Or does the portal support LDAP authentication?
We’d like to integrate it with reporting services by somehow exporting the data to an MSSQL Server. MySQL would work too, because with a linked server object we could get the data to the reporting database.
Is that somehow possible with the QXact module?

When you say portal do you mean FreePBX?

Certainly you could setup a web page with just the queue reports and use LDAP for AAA.

I’m sorry I never got a notification reply, hence I’m only answering now.

By portal I mean “other than what we use now for all statistics”.

We would love a solution where we wouldn’t have to poll for the reports, but integrate them into our weekly/monthly/whatever reporting by exporting the queue_log data into MSSQL for reporting.
I was thinking that a PHP module may be able to do this.

QXact seems to extract all the information we’re interested in though. We use Digium phones, and their queue application doesn’t report the average abandoned wait time. I asked Digium about this, and they said that information was only available in the Switchvox queue log. How does QXact deal with this then?

Might I add we’re particularly interested in extracting the following:

  • Average abandoned call wait time
  • Average wait time
  • Average wait time (answered)
  • Longest queue length
  • Maximum wait time (same three metrics as above)
  • How many agents are logged on graphed over wait time
  • Call volume in queue grouped by Day of Week, Hour of Day, possibly Day of Month

namezero111111 contact me if you want to schedule an online demonstration of the reports available in QXact Reports. You can send me a PM, or submit this form: http://schmoozecom.com/contact.php