Queue Statistics reporting


We’ve made great use of FreePBX in a trial capacity within our university recently. We’re very pleased with the support for queues - particularly in the FreePBX 2.x releases. We have begun our installations using Asterisk@Home.

We need some queue statistics reporting functions for some call centre applications that we’re trialling. One that I’ve looked briefly at is: http://www.asteriskguru.com/tools/queue_stats.php

It seems that the main barrier against its possible inclusion in FreePBX, and then presumably in Asterisk @ Home is its dependance upon the Postgres Database. I have some experience with MySQL and Postgres - so am contenplating putting some work into queue_stats to enable it to work with FreePBX. My questions are:

  1. Is this the best freely available queue_stats package to work from? - licensing seems free of charge, and it utilises some free of charge toolkits…

  2. Should this be done as a FreePBX module ?

  3. Would it be better to aim at integrating this just with Astrisk @ Home, rather than FreePBX ?

I appreciate any feedback - and look forward to the opportunity to helping to further improve this great product!


Tim Rayner,
Networks Team Leader
Charles Sturt University.