Queue State in BLF on Digium D40 using Endpoint Manger


On our old version of FreePBX using the Digium addons module, I was able to have the second line button illuminate green if an extension was currently logged in to the queue.

I did that by having a phone book set with only 1 entry as follows:

Number: *45100
Label: Sales Queue
Subscribe: Checked
Subscription URL: *45100#EXT

Where EXT is the agent’s extension.

This created the behavior that when the line key was pressed, it would dial *45100 and toggle the agent in/out of queue. It would also illuminate the BLF (I think it is a BLF anyway, the line key button) when the agent was logged in to queue providing them feedback on their queue state without having to look at the wallboard.

Upgrading now to the latest SNG OS and using the new Endpoint Manager, I can’t seem to duplicate this behavior.

I have tried the BLF dropdown in the line key section of the configuration manager, but it doesn’t work. Pressing the line key will toggle the ext in/out but will not illuminate while the agent is in queue.

I would think it most certainly has something to the subscription.

Any ideas/suggestions?

So I got pretty close now, setting the BLF to:


Works, just 180 out on the colors. The lamp is red when the agent is logged in and green when the agent is logged out.

Is there any documentation on what I am doing here? I just found this through google and guess and checking.


Just as a wrap up, apparently my ability to google things goes way up as soon as I ask for help.

In the end, I was able to use


And then in the DPMA config reverse the idle and busy states from red and green so idle is set to green and in-use is set to red.

Also, found the helpful list of EPM variables here:


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