Queue - some extensions never answer

using freepbx
pbx distro 10.13.66-11
asterisk ver 13.7.1

I’ve run into this acouple of times, over a year or so, last time I brought this up, I thought is was the handset, which have been either S500 or S300. The handset will register, it can make calls, it can be called directly, it can log into queue, and seen as logged in. But even if it’s the only phone in the queue, will not answer a call from the queue, or ringgroup which makes be think the queue is seeing that unit as unavailable or busy.

Out of 100 phones, I’ve seen this effect 4 or 5 handsets. Always the same, they seem to work in every way, but will not take a call from a queue. I can take that same hand set, connect it to another extension, and it runs fine.

Not DND, or call forwarding. Last year I asked about simply resetting all settings for an extension to default, not sure that won’t help, but haven’t found a way to really simply reset a extension back to factory default. Deleting is some what dangerous, since Endpoint manager, has on occasion told me, the extension, which was deleted, is still has a relationship to a user.

So, what am I missing?
Deleting a extension, and not being able to reuse it, is a problem, that person’s contacts have an extension, which no longer works. If it doesn’t work on queue, it can still forward calls, if you were to dial it direct, so I’m always hesitant to delete an extension. But this problem has been a issue for some time now.

I’ve included some log file, which show interaction of ext 201 with ringgroup 276 and queue 270. 201 during these tests, was the only extension logged in. But didn’t answer the calls, calls went to voicemail. When we added another extension, worked fine for the other extension. But you could use 201 to dial out, dial another extension, or call 201 from another handset.

If you look for 201, you’ll find the extension I"m looking at.
If you look for 7146989930, you’ll see me dialing in with test calls.
If you look for RingGroupMethod, you’ll see the test fail there, actually go to voicemail, instead of handset 201.
if you look at 270, which is the queue, when 201 is only phone logged into queue, you’ll see call’s go to voicemail again.

I’m too old to be able to read your postage stamp JPG - perhaps just cutting and pasting to pastebin.sangoma.com might work next time?

Now, when I’ve seen this happen, it’s because the phone itself is set up for DND. As with many of other features on FreePBX, there are two ways to handle DND:

  1. The system handles in, in which case the call never gets sent to the extension and the call goes immediately to Voice Mail.
  2. The extension handles it, in which case the call gets sent to the extension and the extension refuses it, which sends it off to voicemail.

There are other things in the phone that can screw you up this way, so you might want to check the settings in the actual phone for these features, many of which are persistent across power-cycles.

Hello Dave,

Thank you for your time, actually a year ago, we spoke on this subject. At the time, I was asking how to reset a phone to default testings, really what I meant was extension.

I agree, it very much feels like DND, when you look at the log, the phone is simply passwd by, and ends up in fail over, which for us is voicemail. But DND was one of the first things I checked, both on the phone, and by queuing the database to show DND status.

We’ll take a look at the phone again, actually the 4 phones.

I’ll move that log to pastebin.

Thank you,

The test would be to check the phone’s ‘settings’ by looking at the Extensions page and seeing if “DND” is set (in the server). Press the DND button on the phone and see if it changes the Extension page setting. If it doesn’t, then the DND feature on the phone is literally “on the phone.”

I suspect we’re looking at DND, it felt that way from the start, but here are the logs.

I’ll do that again, thank you,

Sorry, I forgot to mention, these hands sets will answer calls. Another reason DND is hard to look at. You can call the handset, it rings. So, anyone in the office can call them, but, they are passed over by queue, or ring group, so they’re similar to DND for the queue, but they answer you if you dial direct from anyone in office.

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