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Queue Show Mysteries

(Greg Snover) #1

Ok - Here is my Queue Show:

500 has 0 calls (max unlimited) in ‘linear’ strategy (23s holdtime, 107s talktime), W:0, C:616, A:467, SL:67.2% within 60s
MOHS-Reception 3 (Local/250@from-queue/n from hint:250@ext-local) (ringinuse enabled) (Busy) has taken no calls yet
Jen Lucero (Local/201@from-queue/n from hint:201@ext-local) (ringinuse enabled) (Busy) has taken 20 calls (last was 6402 secs ago)
Sylvia/Kalene (Local/228@from-queue/n from hint:228@ext-local) (ringinuse enabled) (in call) (In use) has taken 71 calls (last was 3076 secs ago)
4th floor front desk 3 (Local/223@from-queue/n from hint:223@ext-local) (ringinuse enabled) (Busy) has taken 37 calls (last was 5138 secs ago)
4th floor front desk 2 (Local/202@from-queue/n from hint:202@ext-local) (ringinuse enabled) (Not in use) has taken 23 calls (last was 5586 secs ago)
4th floor front desk 1 (Local/203@from-queue/n from hint:203@ext-local) (ringinuse enabled) (Not in use) has taken 37 calls (last was 6180 secs ago)
No Callers

So, basically two questions:

  1. C:616, A:467 - in most places including, this is listed as C: - Answered Calls and A: Abandoned Calls - but in “Asterisk - The Definitive Guide” it says C: is the number of calls presented to the Queue and A: is the number of answered calls - Which is right?

Page 329 - Top:,%204th%20Edition.pdf

  1. In summing up the number of answered calls for all the agents, I hit no number that I can come up with whatsoever - Shouldn’t the total calls for all agents = the total calls answered? In the above example I get 188 calls taken as the sum of the individual agents - but 616 calls minus 467 abandoned = 149 calls - so that doesn’t match either.

(Andrew Nagy) #2

“Has taken” resets periodically. Therefore the number will never be the same as the header numbers

A is abandoned . C is answered calls. A+C is total calls.

ast_str_append(&out, 0, ") in '%s' strategy (%ds holdtime, %ds talktime), W:%d, C:%d, A:%d, SL:%2.1f%% within %ds",
			int2strat(q->strategy), q->holdtime, q->talktime, q->weight,
			q->callscompleted, q->callsabandoned,sl,q->servicelevel);

(Greg Snover) #3

Thanks - I am going to send a message to Russell, Leif and Jim - In looking through the various versions of the book (including the dead tree copy I still have) they say the opposite, but I thought VoIP Info was correct.

(Andrew Nagy) #4

None of these people work on or with Asterisk anymore. Good luck.

(Greg Snover) #5

No one is maintaining that book anymore?

(Andrew Nagy) #6

You are correct.