Queue Setup Help


I have a queue. I have 2 static agents in the queue and it is setup the ringall.

I would like it so if there is only 1 person at the desk (the other person is away or something) and they are on a call, as soon as they put the phone down their phone starts ringing with the next person in the queue.

I have set the retry period to 1 second.

If both lines are busy, and there is someone in the queue, as soon as an agent puts the phone down it instantly starts to ringing, perfect!. However, if one of the agents is away from their desk and the other agent is in a call and someone is in the queue, the agent who is away from their desk phone is ringing, when the agent who is present puts their phone down their phone doesn’t ring, but the away agents phone continues.

How would I make it so the phone for agent who is still at their desk and just ended a call start to ring again please?

Does anyone have any suggestions please?



Can anyone help please?


With static agents, I don’t think you can do what you want to do. Your agents need to be able to sign out (or pause) so that their phone is no longer in the queue.

I haven’t tried this but does the PBX determine the ring at the time of the call or is it dynamic?

For instance, if a ring group had three phones and an incoming call comes in and someone is on extension 3 - phones 1 and 2 will ring… If the person on extension 3 hangs up, will their phone start ringing?

I think that’s FN_GM’s question.

IN MY EXPERIENCE because there may be settings that can change this behavior, no. Once a call is handled and the phones start to ring (in a ring group), I don’t think there’s a way to get the phones to start ringing.

Now, in a queue, there may be a setting that allows an agent to join in, but I don’t know.

The “standard” answer, based (again) IN MY EXPERIENCE is No. Once the phones start to ring, I don’t think the queue members are interrogated again.