Queue set up

I’m new to the FreePBX community… This week our company doubled its customer service function from 1 to 2! In doing so I set up a Queue with the two customer service agent extensions. Then I updated the IVR to point to the new Queue number. Unfortunately I can’t get any CS phone to ring (it goes to the fail over message).

Do the customer service phones need to log in? If so, how does that happen?
Anyone have suggestions on where to look?

Thanks for any help,

it would help tremendously if you tell us what you have actually done as opposed to this high level summary of what you think you have done.

do customer service phones need to log in? depends on how you have set up your queue. if you use static extensions as members, there is no need to log in the phones. if you are using dynamic members, then they do have to log in and there are several different ways of doing this.

Thanks for your response.
I set up what I assume are static agents (#200,0… ); the Queue set up screen doesn’t offer any other area/method to set up dynamic agents. However, the extensions themselves have ‘host = dynamic’. I tried setting that to static but the phones didn’t work at all.

Where do I find documentation to help me out? Any search reveals very little useful information.

I can’t even figure out how to set up a softphone!


Like I said, I’m new to this stuff.

Company extensions have always been added with host=dynamic. Once we hired our second customer service agent, their extensions were added to the list of agents in the Queue set up. The only area to add extensions in the Q set up shows a heading of “Static” agents. I selected from the list of available agents. The prefix of a "#’ was added… but I’ve tried it both ways.

I also tried changing the host=“dynamic” to host=“static” in the Extension page/screen. The phone didn’t work at all with that setup.

After setting up the Q, I simply changed the IVR -Customer Service selection- to point to the Q #. But neither phone rings when CS is selected.

I tried setting both phones up in a Ring Group, but only the first phone in the list rings, even if the first phone is in use. The second never rings.

Does any of that help?

At this stage I don’t care if they’re static or dynamic, I just want to split customer service calls between 2 extensions.

Thanks for any help.

It’s Freepbx 2.7…

Here’s the Ext 1008 Setup Page:



Here’s a link to a printout of a 2 person queue setup on my system.



Thanks for the screen shot. It’s interesting, you have many more options, including the option to list dynamic agents.
Could you please forward the extension screen for one in the queue (i.e. 1008)?

I must be on a back version of software.

Should I expect an upgrade to a more current release to go smooth?

Do you have any softphones set up?