Queue, set static more specific

I want FreePBX to be able to set static agents in a queue more “specific”!

If I look in the configuration file, I can se it sets the agents as this:

But I want to be able to change the from-internal too so I can thoose how it ring out from the queue.

Of course I can set the queue up manually in the files, but I really like to have it all in FreePBX :wink:

Does anyone have great solution for me?

Regards :slight_smile:

what do you mean by wanting to change how it ring’s out from the queue? Maybe you can give an example.

As it is, the agent can be anything since Local/1000@from-internal can be any dialplan you create (custom or standard) that is at the specified extension in from-internal so you should be able to get pretty creative.

I have several trunks, several outbound routes and several contexts (created with custom_context).

I have one queue I have my mobile phone as a an agent/member. It could be any other number but not local (as the local calls are free)

There is another queue with another mobile phone as agent/member.

The two queues us two different companies who doesn’t want to pay for the other companys calls to outside numbers.

I have created contexts to control it when they are calling from theire extensions/deskphones.

But I want to control the queues too. I can do it by editing files manually and instead of: member=Local/1000@from-internal/n,0
I can write:
where JK002 is the context I want the queue to “be” in and dial out with. But I want to have all the configuration in FreePBX so I don’t need to edit the files manually.

In the context JK002 I have defined that it only can make external call with one special outbound trunk.

Does this make it easier to understand what I want it to do?


that does clarify what you need to do and that is a little more difficult to do a sit stands now since you are doing many things custom things. It does bring up a good point that when we have dial contexts in a future release we will want to deal with them here as well. You are welcome to put in a feature request for future enhancements to address this type of situation.

In the mean time though, you will have to deal with some customization or hand coded contexts to do what you are attempting.