Queue ring time max

I have created a Queue for the CRM Operator’s and i forwarded all the call (after checking the time holidays/week end) to this Queue .
the problem is ,i want to give for the callers a ring time max value and when the callers call this number and no one answer the call is forwarded to an announcement .

Can you please help me in this matter .

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Set the max wait time and then set the failover destination to the announcement.

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it works .Thank you very much .
my second question what is the difference between play recording and announcement .

An announcement will give you the ability to continue the call treatment from the GUI and repeat the message.

For example, as part of the announcement, you could send the call to another announcement, or terminate (hang up the call).

A system recording is just a recording.

Thank you for this clarification.

“The Announcements module is used to play a recording to callers and then send them to a different destination once the announcement has been played. Do not confuse Announcements with the System Recordings module. The System Recording module is where you create the actual system recordings. The Announcement module just lets you play one of those recordings and continue on with the call flow.”

Announcements Wiki:

System Recording Wiki:

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