Queue/Ring Group Ring Strategy

I was wondering why the Hunt strategy no longer works in the new version of Freepbx. I upgraded to the latest version of Trixbox recently and can no longer get external lines queued properly. The problem is, all of our agents are on cell phones and the developers need to be last in the list, only if call volume is high enough. This was working fine, but now is not.

This is how I have it setup:

  1. each agent is configured with find-me-follow me extension.
  2. I have tried adding extensions to Ring Groups and Queues but neither allow hunt.
  3. Ring groups fail to call find-me-follow me extension regardless of ring strategry.
  4. The closest thing is using queues with the extentions with ring strategy set to roundrobin, but this strategy isn’t correct.

Anyone have any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.


If you want a Ring Group to call a follow-me, put a ‘#’ at the end of the extension number in the Ring Group list. Queue Ring Strategies are implemented inside of Asterisk and are not always pretty. Lastly, FreePBX 2.4, which is in RC1 and will probably be released final within a week, allows confirmation to be set on Ring Group Hunt strategies so there would be no need to nest a Follow-Me under it - assuming you want to use Ring Groups for ACD.

Great. That does get around my problem. Adding the #, setting the confirm on the find-me-follow-me and selecting hunt in the ring group gets the functionality I was looking for. It would be nice to choose the confirm from the ring group or queue to allow different remote annoucements to be played depending on the source. I look forward to FreePBX 2.4.

One last question, as I haven’t been around too long in the askterisk/FreePBX world, what is ACD?

Thanks again for you help, I sincerely appriciated it!


A Fancy way to say Queue (Automatic Call Distribution) - which is a bit different then Ring Groups.

That works well but if you want to record the ext always, it feeds the ext to record-enable with a # on the end so the asterisk db lookup on the ext fails. I go in and remove the #'s manually from the ring group in the conf files and it works fine but that is obviously not good for a GUI. The macro should detect the # and not feed it to the monitor-check macro

file a bug on the issue and we can review it.