Queue Reset Issue

So we are having a strange issue with our set up. We have a queue which is logged into by a number of agents via iSymphony.

I have set the queue to us the “fewestcalls” strategy.

It was working as expected until things started to look a bit strange. We have Asternic Call Centre Stats, which is an add-on for FreePBX which shows agents logged in and calls answered per agent. This resets every night so it’s easy to see who’s answered how many calls. Unfortunately, the queue stopped ringing the person with the lowest amount of calls and appeared to be random!

Asternic showed the following:

Agent 1: 3 calls (Paused)
Agent 2: 9 calls (Paused)
Agent 3: 19 calls
Agent 4: 15 calls

It kept ringing agents at random.

I found in Settings>Asterisk Info>Queues that the stats there were vastly different to what was showing up in Asternic. It shows the following:

Agent 1: 2 Calls
Agent 2: 2 Calls
Agent 3: 3 Calls
Agent 4: 5 Calls

iSymphony was showing the correct number of completed calls for the day however and matched Asternic.

It appears that the queues reset somehow during the day. The queue is set to reset daily so should reset at Midnight. I tested this and set the queue to reset at a specific time this afternoon. I did this, the queue reset to 0 in Settings>Asterisk Info>Queues but so did iSymphony this time.

I thought the time zone may be wrong but all the Time Conditions work correcly and when I SSH into the PBX it shows the last logged in time as being correct.

Does anyone have any ideas at all?

Figured this out guys, the queue was resetting as expected. But I had logged everyone out of the queue earlier on for testing. Asternic keeps the call count for the day if you log out and back in but the queues don’t. When an agent logs out of the queue and logs back in the stats under Settings>Asterisk Info>Queues then shows that the agent has taken no calls. So when I logged everyone out earlier on it appeared as though the queue had reset because the stats for each individual agent had reset. I tested this again by logging myself out and back in and only my calls reset.

This is why the first time I noticed the “Reset”, iSymphony kept the correct call count because it was the agents being logged out of the queue and not the queue itself being reset. When I did a scheduled reset of the queue during the day it cleared both the full queue and the iSymphony stats.

All in all, it should be fine now, provided agents don’t log out! Which they don’t anyway (they use pause). The queue is set back to “Daily” (Reset at midnight).

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