Queue Reports (or qxact) trial?

The documentation and sales video for the commercial Queues module ($800) is, well… let’s go with not very good.
It seems to be out of date and shows very little of what the module may do, so little that I’m concerned that it does basically nothing at all.

Is there a way I can actually see what I’m buying before I buy? I’d even settle for some screenshots.

Currently we do indeed offer Demo or Trial-ware versions of a select few of our commercial modules/add-ons for our freely distributed FreePBX Distro. We have 30 Day Demo/Trials exclusive to VQPlus, QXact Reports, XactDialer, Appointment Reminders. We also offer a one-year license of Extension Routing free of charge ($39 for 25 Year License) that can be installed on your registered deployment

To obtain, simply log into your portal account, go to Store -> FreePBX Software -> Commercial Modules -> Free Trials, add the selected Trial to cart, and checkout. Make sure you have your correct Deployment ID at checkout to input into that field so that the Trial License can be applied correctly. If you haven’t yet activated/registered your system and obtained a Deployment ID, no fear. Can be done quickly and simply with these instructions.

Thanks for being part of the FreePBX Community! We are glad you are here!

Thanks for that, i’ve set up the trial license and enabled the module, still shows as unlicensed though.
System Admin -> Activation does not list them and does not have a “look for new stuff” button. How do I get the pix to believe that the trial licence is available?

See if this wiki helps:

The only option is “De-Activate”, I have neither “check” nor “update”

You may have accidentally hidden the button. Click on the two little arrows to expand it back out.

Not hidden, just not where I expected it to be. Managed to completely not see it until now. Button pressed, lines updated, Queue report tool working.

Thanks! Now I just need to work out how to use it!