Queue Reports Not Pulling May's Report


I have Queue Reports version and for some reason is not pulling May’s report.
I was able to pull April’s report and nothing has changed since. I am still able to pull February, March, and April’s report, but not May… How Can I go about solving this issue?


What version of FreePBX are you on? What is your experience when you attempt to pull the report? What are your parameters? Any other details that might be helpful to provide, etc.

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FreePBX 14.0.11. When I try to pull May 1st 2019 - May 31st 2019 with all parameters… Nothing pulls. It does not give met anything. But I get all the data from April and March.


Are you sure you had calls in May? Lol.

As far as I recall, that module doesn’t just pull data from asteriskcdrdb, it puts it together itself with a custom service running in the background.
But I could be wrong here.

What’s the output of

fwconsole pm2 --list

In any case, since this is a commercial module, I don’t think we’ll be much of a help, you’ll need to raise a support ticket.

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