Queue: Redial agent immediately if busy (while other agents are still ringing)


i got an queue where i only have 2 static agents with external call / follow me enabled.
When i call the queue and i am on hold the phones of the 2 agents start to ring as expected.
But if one agent is busy - the queue does not retry to call that agent because the other agent is still in ringing state.

So lets say Agent 1 is busy, Agent 2 is free…

The queue starts to call Agent 2.
In the meantime Agent 1 gets available - but the phone of Agent 1 doesnt start ringing.
If Agent 2 declines the call (sends “Busy Here”). Then both agents starts ringing immediately again…

How can i tell the queue to immediately retry every agent - regardless of another agent in the queue is still ringing or not?

Thanks and kind regards

You can’t set the queue to do this immediately, but you can adjust the Agent Timeout time on the timing tab for the queue. You want to reduce this number down to something more manageable for you. If you set it to 10 seconds, all agents will stop ringing after 10 seconds and then start again with all available agents.

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