Queue recording, except for Ring Groups... How?

I record our Queue calls for training, etc, etc… But after-hours calls go to a ring-group with 1 extension in it using “Confirm Calls” to make sure a no-answer call keeps the voicemail message in our phone system. The techs login to extension 101 and change the forwarding on the extension to different cell phone #s depending on who is answering after-hours calls during the week.

I want to record the Ring Group calls the same as Queue calls, but dont want to record them under the ARI interface (I dont really want techs listening to other techs calls, etc, etc).

Any good way to do this? I was thinking of having another queue w/ the ring group as a destination, then the ring group goes to the extension, then the extension to the cell phone, but I think that is kinda hokey and WAAAAY to much jumping around.

Keep in mind, I have to use Ring Groups to get the “Confirm Calls” option so they customer doesnt ring through to the techs voicemail.


Using follow me on an extension in a queue by itself.

On another note, I upgraded from 1.4.21 to and the press 1 to confirm calls stopped working… It acts like you pressed 2 to reject the call.

Anyone else?