Queue problem : Agent phone forced to hangup

Trunks : 3 DAHDI Channels in same group.
Inbound route default destination : Queue #221 (static agents 100, 101, 102)

The problem:

When I receive 2 or more calls almost in same time : Agent 100 answer first call, no problem. Phones continue to ring for the next calls (ext 100 that already answered the first call continue to ring, Skip Busy Agents set to NO). The agent on the extension 101 or 102 answer the second call. At this time the phone that at ext. 100 hangup and the agent lost the first call. Second call continue with no problems.

Phone at ext. 100 : GrandStream GXP2130

When I look at the call event logging,

  • First call enter, queue start ringing all agents.
  • First agent answer, right after, i see CHAN_END and HANGUP for ext. 101 and 102.
  • Second call enter within few seconds, queue start ringing all agents.
  • Second agent answer, CHAN_END and HANGUP for ext. 100 and 102.

I think that’s this second CHAN_END + HANGUP that cause the first call to terminate.

The phone need to ring even if the agent already online. So I tried to set the queue to ignore busy agent and setup a second ext to the first phone but this is even worse. With this setup, all calls answered on this phone get instantaneously terminated.

Is the phone the problem or some configurations problem on FreePBX?




You could know exactly what is happening by observing the log.

Look at the CDR if you need to find call details before you dive into the full log.

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