Queue Pro reports and cdr

I use Queue’s and Queue’s Pro. It seems that the some of the reporting may not be accurate. e.g. when I look at missed call reports I will show an agent missing the same phone number several times in a row. When I look at the cdr it shows no answer for that caller ID several times and then finally shows where the call was answered and points to the same recording on all of the no answers. We are trying to determine what are real missed calls and need the report to be accurate for personnel reasons. Here’s a snip of the cdr:

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Also fyi, these lines were all from the same call. I deleted the caller ID and DID.

Since it’s a Commercial Module, there’s not a lot us chickens can do. I think you’re going to get more traction from a support/issues ticket.

Neither queues nor queues pro modules have any reporting features. Are asking about QXact Reports?

Sorry Yes QXact is the reporting tool.

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I’m not so sure the reporting tool is the issue. I am thinking that it has more to do with the standard Queues or CDR.

Another issue is when someone logs in and out of the queue, the report shows that they logged in 2 times or logged out 2 times. This is with multiple brands of phones.

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