Queue Priorties Inbound calls

I have Newest FreePbx and i have call center. so my question is if my call center all extensions are busy and inbound call came and status is no answear after this number(previus inbound call) called again i want to give him priority that it will go as first inbound call and extension will answear it can you help me? it is kinda priority calls

So here’s the thing, raising the priority feature exists in the commercial module VQPlus.

Now the hard part is getting only certain calls to VQPlus, so to do that you’ll need some custom code.

You can follow the below logic:

Set the queue failover destination to a custom destination which will go to a “Post Queue” custom dialplan.
In this custom dialplan you’ll need to grab the Caller ID (and some other details if you want) and store it in a custom database, then send the call to Voicemail or whichever original failover destination you had.

Now on incoming calls, you’ll need to point the IVR option or inbound route that currently points to the queue, to a custom destination which will go to a “Pre Queue” custom dialplan.
This code will check if the Caller ID exists in your custom database, if true it will delete the entry from the database (because you don’t want the caller to get a higher priority everytime they call back) and go to VQPlus, if not, it will just go to the queue.

Hope that makes sense to you.

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