Queue priority

Can a caller get priority in a queue?

Say a queue has callers [01,02,03,04,05]. Is there a way to move caller 03 to the front of the queue because it’s a VIP customer?

Yes, you can set priorities in the Queue Priorities module, and then have a dedicated “Enterprise Support DID” which points to a higher priority, or have hidden IVR keys pointing to higher priorities.

Read more: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Queue+Priorities+Module+User+Guide

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Another option is virtual queues:

"Create Virtual Queues
A virtual queue allows you to change the settings of a queue before a call is routed to the queue. This reduces the need for agents to log into multiple queues. For example, you could give VIP callers access to a VIP virtual queue that moves them to the front of the line in a real queue."

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