Queue position Announcement


we have such request from our call-center manager.
In IVR Announcement we have announcement saying: Hello, you called in our company.
Then call goes to queue, where we have Join Announcement saying: We are recording your calls.
Then we have standard caller position announcement with frequency 30 seconds.
The problem is that first announcement about position is after 30 seconds.
But we need the first announcement about position just after Join Announcement and then repeats after each 30 seconds.
How can it be done?

Which version of Asterisk are you using? To me, the latest version, at least, looks like it has this as the default behaviour. In fact, it looks like it should happen before any comfort message.

We have this version FreePBX 15.0.21.

That’s the FreePBX version, not the Asterisk one.

Asterisk Version: 16.20.0

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