Queue Pickup Issues

Does anyone know of any reason or way the queue could pull callers out of order? I have someone that keeps telling me that at times a caller will say be waiting in queue for say 30 minutes, and then another caller will join the queue, and get kickjed over to an agent quickly, yet the guy who has been waiting is still just setting out in the queue.

I know I can tweak how calls are sent to agents via the GUI, but to my knowledge the queue is FIFO, so how can people be getting stuck for an hour in the queue and just never picked up. If anyone has run into this, or has any suggestions, I would love to hear it…

Examples with logs would be the best place to start. If the issue is confirmed, we could go from there. Is there any mechanism that may move the caller out and in the queue (like an IVR breakout), or do you have virtual queues? Do you have multiple queues with different priorities answered by the same agents?

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