Queue pickup Issue

Hi Everyone,

The answer is probably right under my nose.

I have static users in a queue. When one of them is on the phone, and someone calls into the queue, the user cannot hangup their phone (Say they are done when their original call) and pickup the person in the queue. They have to wait for the retry.

Simple Terms of what they want: When they are done talking, they want to be able to hang up and their phone will ring right away.

I know I set the Retry to 10. But that isn’t fast enough.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks everyone.

Phones: Sangoma s500

Take it lower. At some point, it will impact performance, but it seems to me we’ve heard reports of retry times as low as 2 seconds working. A normal phone only rings once every three or four seconds, so going much lower than that is probably overkill.,

So I moved the timer down to 4 seconds and that didn’t seem to do anything.

I think that timer is after the agent timeout and how long they hear hold music.

Let me put more detail on my config:

Max Wait Time 1 Minute
Max Wait Time Mode Loose
Agent Timeout 20 Seconds
Agent Timeout Restart Yes
Retry 10 Seconds
Wrap-Up-Time 0 Seconds
Member Delay 0 Seconds
Agent Announcement None
Report Hold Time No
Auto Pause No
Auto Pause on Busy No
Auto Pause on Unavailable No
Auto Pause Delay 0