Queue Periodic Announcement not working, call hangs up

I have FreePBX 5.211.65-21

I’ve set up a queue with a Periodic Announcement. When it comes time to play the announcement, the call hangs up. What I’ve done is this.

  1. Uploaded a system recording for the hold message. I’ve played the recording after upload to make sure it loaded correctly
  2. Create an IVR set to the hold message and one IVR Entry ( 1 = go to VM)
  3. Create the Queue with a join announcement (works fine), Max Wait Time (3 minutes), IVR Breakout Menu set to the IVR set up In step 2, with a Repeat Frequency of 45 seconds, and a failover destination of an Announcement.

When I call into the Queue I get the join announcement, I hear the hold music. Once I hit the 45 second mark, the phone hangs up. If I remove the IVR Breakout it runs for 3 minutes and I get the failover destination announcement. If I press 1 I go to VM.

Any ideas why my Periodic Announcement is not working?