Queue Penalty & Dynamic Agents

Hi everyone,

I’m using QueueMetrics with FreePBX 2.7, and am having some trouble with the queue penalties. I have each agent setup with a different priority in the dynamic agents box. Each priority ranges from 0 to 16. The ring strategy is set to rrmemory (as specified in the QueueMetrics setup guide)

The problem is that every call that comes in seems to be ignoring the agent penalty, and just follows the rrmemory (perfectly by the way :slight_smile: ).

I don’t HAVE to use rrmemory, and am wondering if that’s why this is happening. But the other strategies (ring all, etc.) don’t seem like much better choices.

What am I missing / how can I accomplish my goal of ringing each agent in line, as specified by their penalty???

Thanks for any help!

I too am having an issue with static agent penalties in queues with the latest distro of FreePBX.

It just completely ignores the penalty - it does not matter what the values are set at. Really frustraiting as I moved to the FreePBX distro to have everything working, and now the one thing that does not work is one of the most important. I’ve temporarily setup a ring group to handle that type of behavior, but it is not ideal when higher call volume occurs.

Any ideas as to why agent penalties are being ignored for us?


I had the same issue… and oddly enough a reboot of the box and re-registering the phones AFTER configuring the penalties seemed to make them start working.

I have no good answer as to why, but it did. I shortly decided to use memoryhunt instead so haven’t done any further testing.

good luck

What version of Asterisk are you running? There are many bugs in the penalties.

Version 1.8.6 is much better but to get it to work properly there are many patches that have to be applied.

The sad thing is these patches have been submitted back to Digium and rejected.

We’re on 1.4. Actually, we rewrote the queuemetrics penalty code today, and so far so good. What are the issues with asterisk queues you mentioned? I’d love a heads up for just in case!