Queue, Penalties, and Least Recent

OK, so I have recently upgraded to a system running FPBX 2.7 and Asterisk 1.6 from our old Asterisk 1.2 based system. Most everything seems OK, but I have noticed some odd behavior with dynamic agents and penalties.

We have one queue that has the dynamic agents and their penalties entered in the FreePBX setup page. The penalty shows up fine when you do a “Queue show 400” in the CLI, and call basically seem to be distributed as expected so far. However, it seems that the queue and the penalty does not take into account the wrapuptime. Picture this scenario when a call comes in:

  • Agent 100 has penalty=1, Agent 101 has penalty=2, Agent 102 has penalty=3
  • Both agents are off the phone.
  • Agent 1 has just hung up the phone and is still in their wrapup time.

Agent 2 should get the call, because they have the lowest penalty of all available agents, but Asterisk seems to wait for Agent 100’s wrapup time to finish and distributes the call to them when it does.

In other words, it seems as if the queue does not consider an agent to be unavailable when they are off the phone but still within their wrapup time.

Is this the case?


No thoughts on this one? It can’t be that weird of a setup, can it?