Queue Pause not working

Queue Pause BLF light stopped working after upgrade from 6.12.65-32 to 10.13.66-19. The button still pauses the agent but they don’t get the red BLF light. We are using Yealink T46G, but I tried it with a Grandstream I have the same result. I also tried it with a Sangoma 60 updated to 10.13.66-19 and I have the same result. We are using Queue version

This was fixed in

Can you give me a link to download that module ( ? If I put the system in edge mode it offers me “Queues” version 13.0.33. Thanks for the reply

13.0.33 would have the same fix.

Thanks for your help.

Do you have any idea when Framework Version and Queues Version 13.0.33 will be moved to “Stable” and are there any know issues with these versions? I ran your fix on backup machine and it works fine, just a little nervous about running it on my production machines. One more question, are you the one that wrote OSS EPM? Really liked that one when it was up and coming.

Thanks Again