Queue not sending calls to follow-me

I am running 2.8 on asterisk 1.6.2, and a couple of queue agents are “dummy extensions” that just follow to an outside number, but the queue never sends the call.

I have Agent Restrictions set to Call As Dialed.

Queue 500 has agent 401 in it, but logging shows this when it should be calling 401s followme:

 -- Executing [[email protected]:9] Queue("SIP/vitel-in-0000000c", "500,t,,,120") in new stack

The queue does not seem to be calling anything.

there are a couple of threads and an open ticket on this and it is currently being worked.

However, if you make the dummy extensions as virtual extensions (vw. SIP, IAX or ZAP/DAHDi) then I am pretty sure that the outstanding bug will not effect your system.

Note … you could change the extension to a virtual extension by switching FreePBX to deviceanduser mode, then deleting the device that is associated with the user, and then switching back. (Since a virtual extension is just a user that has no associated device).

I made a new virtual extension, and it still fails.

I just noticed those other threads, will keep an eye out.


a virtual extension should not fail since there is no device to look at for its state.

You may want to double check the queues_addtional.conf file (assuming you set it up as a static member) and see what the entry looks like, there should be no device associated with it.

I checked and all of them, device or virtual all show as Local/extension number:

member=Local/[email protected]/n,0,John Doe,HINT:[email protected]

On another note, I did get it to work by entering an external phone number as the agent, but now CID is not passing, the CID of my trunk is seen on the remote agents phone, rather than the caller.

Using a Ring Group sends the CID properly, but as you know Ring Groups have their limits.

you must have USEQUESTATE checked to get the above.

That setting is only used for 1.4 versions of Asterisk that have a special patch which allows for HINTS to be used for device state since that is not supported until 1.8.

Last I checked, no one had ported my patch to 1.6 so I think you have an issue. (If it has been ported to 1.6, let me know as I am not aware of it.)

If you remove the USEQUEUESTATE setting, that should go away. (If not, please advise as it should only be there in that case.

We are also working on a fix when that patch is present. If you happen to have some patch (or are reading this and do have 1.4 with that patch), then in the interim, you can make sure you can make sure you have USEDEVSTATE set and then set and unset DND on the give extension which will properly initialize DND and indirectly fix the issue.