Queue not connecting second agent


I have a weird problem with the queues handling. Basically one out of 7 queues will not connect another agent if there’s a call in progress. That is… if one agent is connected to the outside caller and another call comes in it gets in the queue properly and other agents get a ring… but when answering the call stays “mute”, the caller keeps hearing the queue music on hold and nothing happens. As soon the first agent stops the call, other calls can be accepted by any agent.

I’m completely at loss why this is happening.

The setup is a single freepbx server with 2 DID numbers. One number goes trough 2 level IVR and then 6 waiting queues, while the other DID connects directly to the 7th queue without IVR… this last queue is causing the troubles.

Any ideas what to look at? Other than the IVR the rest of the setup is the same. The trunks are configured the same way also.


Not sure if you are still having this problem, and not sure that I can help, but maybe if you provide a little more information, something will come up to resolve the issue.

I see from your post that it is always the same queue, the one where calls go directly to queue with no IVR.

Is it always one agent in particular who is on the phone? Or any agent?

What version of FreePBX do you have? What version of Asterisk?

Can you post the settings of this queue?