Queue no longer distributing calls to Static Agents

Now this issue is not directly related to the dialparties.agi high cpu load but is also affecting production. The dialparties.agi issue is definitely resolved I have been in production now for over a week with no issues of high CPU load.

Now the problem seems to be when calls in all queues are waiting to be distributed they are not being assigned to the static agents even though these agents are available. This happens during normal production at some point in time which I have not been able to find out exactly when this happens or to what it is related.

Where I have been able to reproduce this is when restarting with AMPORTAL RESTART the queues do not distrubute calls untill I open a queue from FreePBX and save and apply. After this the calls get distributed with no problem.

I believe that when the calls are no longer distributed might be related to a case where the safe-asterisk restarts asterisk because of a crash and then the same phenomenon happens that the calls are no longer distributed untill the queue is “touched” again from FreePBX.

I’d appreciate any comments or help.

We have a HP GL380G3 with 6GB Ram and 2x 3.08GHz Processors and have call recording active.